Re-offending currently costs the economy between £9.5 and £13 billion a year on average. With this in mind and prison education being at the heart of the current reforms, there has never been a better time to think about become an Offender Learning Lecturer.

Statistics show that education and training drastically reduces an individual’s likelihood of re-offending on release. Not only does upskilling provide more opportunities to gain employment but it increases self-esteem and self-worth.

Prisoners have already been judged by the law and are serving their punishment. Could you be non-judgmental and help those looking for a second chance to achieve their goals and better themselves ready for a new start?

Are you a motivational teacher/trainer/lecturer looking for a new challenging yet rewarding role?

Are you patient, understanding and inspirational? If so then you could educate offenders and play a part in the reduction of re-offending!

Each prison has its own purpose built Ofsted registered education department, boasting both fully equipped classrooms for academic subjects and custom assembled workshops for vocational courses. All subjects delivered are fully accredited with a view to the learners gaining recognised qualifications.

We are currently recruiting for Workplace Trainers confident to deliver a wide range of NVQ qualifications within Prisons in the Staffordshire area.

In return we can offer you the following:
- £20.17 per hour
- Flexibility to take holidays throughout the year without the usual term time restrictions
- Down time within the prison for planning (no marking is completed at home)
- Education runs all year and not termly so there is increased earning potential for sessional and on-going staff
- Opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD)
- Small manageable class sizes on average of between 7 and 12 learners
- Education for learners is a privilege; those who take it for granted lose the right

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