Main Responsibilities:

- To manage the work of the ILR Audit and Timetabling team to ensure that the learner data, registers, ILR and timetable information are accurate, reliable and produced in accordance with the relevant timescales. To work with the College Report Writer in the provision of the management of data and information in relation to the college’s curriculum offer. This role will have responsibility for recording the course master file on the College planning tool and the student records system as well as in year amendments as necessary keeping both in step.

- To ensure that the student data and the Individual Learner Records (ILR) are accurate, reliable, appropriate, error free, and produced in accordance with the prescribed timescales and funding regulations including the use of PDSATs.

- To ensure that potential problems are identified and raised with the appropriate contacts within the College and the funding bodies as well as ensuring that any problems are rectified and recorded for audit purposes.

- This role will also have responsibility for all student data returned to the Data Service (SFA, EFA, HEFCE) and producing reports and information as required.

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