Overall Purpose:
To commercially manage a profitable automotive body and paint industry training centre that is an exemplar/centre of excellence in its field.

Principal Duties:
- Develop new training business opportunities.
- Produce an annual business plan and develop an order book for training that is in-line with meeting the commercial targets of SC Body & Paint.
- Manage all partnerships and accounts established.
- Develop new/alternative initiatives for the commercial development of SC Body & Paint skills to sustain its profitability.
- Retain appropriate quality standards for the maintenance of a centre accreditation (IMI – – Accreditation and other similar).
- Manage staff to meet the challenging/demanding requirements of an exemplar paint and body training centre.
- Manage training courses within predefined, approved and agreed budget and scope.
- Manage courses to predefined Quality standards.
- Ensure H&S standards are adhered to and monitored.
- Work with the head of estates Southgate College to ensure the maintenance of the infrastructure.
- Plan work and activities required with the workshop manager to achieve the required objectives. Challenge planning to ensure that it is realistic. Identify key deviation / change in the planning and manage change effectively.
- Resolve problems with ongoing training programmes and where necessary, re-schedule key event dates and milestones to minimise customer and commercial impact.
- Plan the overall training programme portfolio and monitoring its overall progress.
- Procure and organise resources required to deliver the training and additional financial income income streams.
- Manage Risks, including the development of contingency plans and exception plans to compensate for any loss of income.
- Build, manage and motivate the team.
- Regularly attend Board meetings and provide all financial and general performance reports to the Board as required.
- Manage all communication with partners, customers and employers to manage expectations and schedules.
- Interface and attend meetings of professional groups and consortium’s to maintain a leading edge in new technological and industry developments.
- Prepare reports to ensure all relevant parties are aware of programme targets, status and performance. Prepare accurate and timely reports on cost, schedule and technical aspects of the training to maintain clear visibility on the progress of SC Body & Paint Skills.
- Monitors and controls costs to ensure the centre is working within budget.
- Maximise value for money in all areas.

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